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Kent Getsinger

for SA Division Secretary

A new vision to take us forward


My name is Kent Getsinger and I am running for SA Division Secretary of the NTEU. 

I am running because we need a new  voice to unify our State and change the narrative for our University system for supportive workplaces we deserve.

I am a proud trade unionist and bring years of experience in the NTEU and progressive politics to bring new ideas in the ongoing struggle for a better life for us all.


Why I'm Running


I'm running because I know that we must advocate for the university sector and workplace conditions we want and deserve. 

Having served on two Branches across two States, we've too often reacted to the withering of conditions for both academic and professional staff. 

We are the University and our collective voice must imagine that alternative and boldly assert it.


I'm running to foster this seachange.

We've fought hard in our history as every workplace condition we've won has been done with the struggle of union work.

We have to improve the way we support one another. We should feel inspired in our jobs, education has the tall task to uphold the future of our democratic society. No one should feel alone nor powerless in their job. 

We must change the way we organise, how we support one another in our daily struggles.


I'm running because I have the skills and experience to bring this change.

I've served on Branch Committees at Melbourne and currently Adelaide. I am Vice-President (General Staff), a National Councillor and UniSuper Representative. Outside the NTEU, I served as National Chair to (U.S.) Democrats Abroad Australia where we had the double challenge of removing a demagogue from power and pushing for egalitarian change within a party resistant to grassroots movement.

I know what is required to carry a diverse organisation forward. I know how to navigate challenging circumstances and divisive issues so that people are supported and that we can make lasting change.