Goals for NTEU South Australia

Updated: May 5, 2021

Our message is clear.

We will say what believe, and assert a consistent agenda for universities to aspire to. We will always fight for job security and we will shape a comprehensive, well articulated vision of that future we seek - for our universities and our workplaces. We will build this in a collaborative fashion, a consensus approach to ensure our diverse voices are heard so that they may be united in this common cause. This unifying, collective purpose will be of utmost priority if I am elected and this will create a rallying cry for our union and bring those future members to our cause.

We need our three Branches working together, in true support of one another. We will create regular and increased delegates training and networking opportunities across all Branches. This will include sharing campaigns, local actions, successes and supportive learning from failures. As we enter Bargaining, we must share ideas, knowing the specifics of each of our Branches differ. We have worked in silo for far too long. We are a union, we live by solidarity - that which affects you, affects me.

Support for members and delegates is therefore crucial. Our emotional and psychological support is something that we have not forwardly spoken about, but needs to be. Many workplaces are toxic where we internalise the workplace pressure to feel that we are the problem. A site of resistance is in each and every one of us and we can empower each other in a supportive way. We do not deserve to feel alone, because we certainly are not.

We will share strategic campaigns to bring about secure work and a sense of wellbeing in our workplace. This will be tailored campaigns we are building towards this bargaining round. We will also raise industrial disputes where they need to be raised. Our hard-won benefits are worth protecting.

Campaigns for full university funding. We all know the history of decreased revenue for our sector. We need an ongoing public campaign in and out-side our university community that advocates for secure and sustained university funding. There are many tools in this toolkit. This will be a grassroots campaign as it will put pressure on our university management to advocate for the increased funding that they know is necessary.

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